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Phase 5 Wahoo Wakesurf Board 2020

Phase 5 Wahoo Wakesurf Board 2020
Phase 5 Wahoo Wakesurf Board 2020

Say hello the the next evolution in wakesurfing design. The new Peanut Rail Outline coupled with a swallow fish tail will reinvigorate the sedated surfer.

Sidecut Rail Shape
- The Wahoo features wider sections under your feet that narrow through the midsection, allowing it to have great characteristics of both a wide and narrow profile board at the same time

Large Gas Pedal for Speed
-The wider profile under your front foot provide additional surface area when you need to step on the has to build speed or stay in the pocket

Smooth and Agile
- The sidecut rail on the Wahoo allow it to roll from side to side much faster than a wide profile board, but without losing speed - lost of speed and stability but can still turn and rip around easily

Quad or Twin Fin Surf Design
-The fin setup on the Wahoo can be customized to ride as a quad fin or twin fin setup - allowing either a tighter or looser feel

FLEXtec V2 Construction
-A blend of innegra, carbon, and EPS foam for the best mix of durability, speed and feel on the water

Rig up for a solid hit from the new Phase 5 Wahoo. The Wahoo utilizes the all new Peanut Rail Outline. The Peanut Rail Outline design is more parallel through on the outside of the board, increasing overall speed. In addition, this unique concept creates more lift with the wider points towards the nose and tail offering increased boost. The narrower, more parallel outside rail increases rail to rail action making the Wahoo one of our most agile surfboards in the lineup.

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