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Phase 5 Trident Wakesurf Board 2021

Phase 5 Trident Wakesurf Board 2021
Phase 5 Trident Wakesurf Board 2021

The Big Guy's High Performance Hybrid

- A board for larger riders that still allows you to shred - 360s, carves, airs and more are possible on this awesome board

3 Fin Hybrid Design
- A fin setup that delivers excellent stability and great response. The Trident can be ridden with 3, 2 or 1 fin, allowing you to choose how stable or loose the feel is

Ultra-Fast Design
- The Trident is one of the fastest wakesurf boards ever developed allowing it to handle big riders and/or smaller waves

Black Carbon Construction
- Lighter, Faster, and more durable than any standard board layup

Not recommended for riders under 190 lbs.

If you are a bigger guy and / or have a smaller wake, the Trident will help you rip like nothing else.

The Trident is a hybrid style design that is fast and responsive for bigger riders. The new bat tail combined with a snub nose and tri-fin setup give the board a no-slip feel down the line. The board comes with 3 - 2" fins that can be changed out for smaller 1" versions to give the board a much more loose feel. Fins can also be removed to make the board a twin or single fin for a completely different feel. The Trident is balanced for larger riders and is relatively easy to ride.
The all-new bat tail improves the response and speed of the Trident, allowing it to be more agile on the water and pull quicker from side to side while still being stable enough for even novice riders to enjoy.

The Trident is hand built in Florida using a full carbon top layup that makes the board stronger, stiffer, faster and more durable.

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