Phase 5 Phantom Wakesurf Board 2020

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Fast, Explosive Surf Style Machine
- The Phantom features a wide nose and tail and a fast rocker line that can boost huge airs and generate massive speed down the wave

Quad Fin Surf Design
- The fin setup on the Phantom delivers lots of drive and power for bottom turns, airs and big carves. Can be ridden as a quad fin or twin fin setup - allowing either a tighter or looser feel

FLEXTec V2 Construction
- A Blend of innegra, carbon and EPS foam for the best mix of durability, speed and feel on the water

Parker Payne Pro Model
- Designed and ridden by one of the most progressive riders in wakesurfing

The Phantom is the brainchild of wakesurf phenom Parker Payne - designed to be the most aggressive surf style board to ever come out of the Phase 5 Collection. The Phantom is built with Phase Five's new FLEXtec V2 glass system, giving it the lively feel and incredible performance Paker wanted to push his riding to the next level. FLEXtec V2 gives the feeling of a traditional surfboard while delivering wake surf specific features. The combination of FLEXtec lamination, Carbon Speedrail and Innegra / Carbon top weave and stringer deliver the ultimate blend of speed, durability, and response.

The Phantom can be ridden as a twin or a quad, allowing you to choose how much drive and response you prefer and giving you the option of a more locked in ride or a looser feel. The board's profile is designed to maximize speed, edge to edge response and lift. If you are looking for a board that will help you boost airs, pull out long bottom turns and throw buckets of water the Phantom is one of the best weapons you can put in your quiver.


  • 50" x 19" x 1.5" - 17.5 Liter Volume = For Riders 100 - 170 lbs.
  • 53" x 19.5" x 1.6" - 20.5 Liter Volume = For Riders 120 - 190 lbs.
  • 57" x 20" x 1.7" - 22.5 Liter Volume = For Riders 175 - 250 lbs.

Size recommendations vary based on wave size and ability level.


  • Techno Grip Traction pads
    Mid-density EVA horizontal groove with dimple dots. The best traction grip Phase 5 has ever offered 

  • FLEXtec V2 Lamination
    Next generation lamination integrating Innegra and Carbon inlays. Makes the board faster and more durable than traditional foam

  • V.R.T.
    Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built-in glass / bar stringers on the bottom edge of the board for extra strength and pop

  • Texture
    Textured board top for reduced weight and a bit of traction if you pull any "toes on the nose" maneuvers

  • Carbon Reflex Speedrail
    Increases rigidity around the perimeter of the board. Faster, more responsive and less likely to ding or break

  • FlexSpine
    Extra carbon inlay strip running from nose to tail to enhances stiffness and overall board performance

  • EPS + Epoxy
    Ultra lightweight 2 lb. density core - Increased strength and stiffness

  • Hand Built in the USA
    Every Phase 5 board is shaped by hand by actual riders / shapers in Venice, Florida


  • Quad Surf Fin Setup
    2 fins positioned toward each outside edge near the tail. Perfect balance between speed and maneuverability.
    2 inside fins adding additional drive and power. Can be ridden with or without these additional fins.

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