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Phase 5 Doctor Wakesurf Board 2021

Phase 5 Doctor Wakesurf Board 2021
Phase 5 Doctor Wakesurf Board 2021

Big Guy Performance Surf Style
- The Doctor is designed to provide lots of buoyancy, speed and agility, allowing it to carve and maneuver easily, even for big riders

Speed to Stay in the Wave
- The Doctor has a wide nose and tail profile with straight rails that will build speed quickly and allow you to stay in the wave with less effort

Quad Fin Surf Design
- The Doctor features a quad fin setup for more drive and control but can also run a twin fin setup - allowing either a tighter or looser feel

FLEXtec V2 Construction
- A blend of innegra, carbon and EPS foam for the best mix of durability, speed and feel on the water

We cannot tell you how often we hear that someone needs to make a board that works for 180 - 300+ lb. guys that want to rip. We are not sure why people think 200 lb plus guys are not athletic, well we disagree and I am sure the guys in the NFL would too.

Finally, a board with enough volume to support more weight with a design and fin setup that will let take your riding to a level way beyond just standing behind the boat trying to just keep the wave. The Doctor is a painless cure for the sluggish, wave loosing, no performance big board blues of the past. The Doctor is a great addition to any quiver!

The Phase 5 Doctor is hand shaped in the USA using FLEXtec V2 Lamination technology making it one of the most durable and highest performing boards in the world.

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