Liquid Force Women's Z-Cardigan Comp Vest in Tropical

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The Z-CARDIGAN COMP not only looks great but it feels great as well! Sleek, form-fitting, and ultra-comfortable describe this vest. Extra flexible and super comfortable, you can only try it for yourself! Fully reversible, the Z-CARDIGAN ZIP has a front zipper for easy entry and exit.

*This vest is a competition style vest and is not Coast Guard Approved

Size Chart

XS = 28 - 32 in. Chest / Ladies Size 2 - 4
S = 32 - 36 in. Chest / Ladies Size 6 - 8
M = 36 - 40 in. Chest / Ladies Size 10 - 12
L = 40 - 44 in. Chest / Ladies Size 14 - 16

Please note that comp vests should fit snugly to get the best comfort and performance of your jacket. Since comp vests stretch out with wear and use, the initial fit should feel fairly tight.  Don't be alarmed if your vest feels a bit snug when you first receive it.   


4XS Stretch Foam… Liquid Force Exclusive

Power-Flex Neo: Supportive and fits like a second skin.

Advanced 16-panel Flex-Architecture design.

Tapered waist and ladies-cut arm openings

Reversible: If the mood strikes you, flip out this vest for a new look!

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