Inland Surfer Air Series Wakesurf Board 139 2017

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Inland Surfer Air Series 139

The Air Series 139 is the result of the goal to evolve wakesurf shaping and materials, not just board outlines, while supporting larger riders. The Air 139 isn't simply a larger version of the Air 134 but a totally different design. The Air Series 139 features a 3 stage rocker worked into an elongated shape that delivers an aggressive punch at the lip when doing airs. This board will also recover from the back of the wave pocket like nothing you have ever ridden.

The bottom channels water through the unique STEPtech tail with no drag or delay in its lift with response and predictability. You can now ride with startling down-the-line speed and consistency with airs and ollies because of its forgiving shape with increased surface area. The Air 139 is a great for for average sized riders and big guys alike - a true pro level performer.

The Inland Surfer Air Series 139

Weight Range: The weight range recommendation for this board is 140 lbs. to 240+ lbs. depending on wake size

Size: 4’7” x 20.5” x 1.75” - 8 lbs.  Dual fin set up.

Ability Level: The ability level recommendation for this board is Intermediate to Pro.
Specs: 4'7" x 20.5" x 1.75" - 8 lbs.
Note: All surf style boards come with 1 pair of Standard 9cm surf fins only. Front and rear flat pad or arch bar deck traction inserts included.


Epoxy Infused Technology - our top secret way of fully soaking the fiberglass with epoxy to create the strongest bond.

WoodLoc - our process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom platform, to increase strength, rigidity, stiffness and overall performance.

Vortex Channel - speeds up water and injects air near the tip of the board producing a faster board and avoids pearling (nose diving).

Progressive Edge - The rail geometry and construction that holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag.
3 Stage Rocker - This is a 3 stage rocker profile designed for competition level performance. Ideal for quick and snappy turns and HUGE airs..

STEPtech - creates a release point at the tail of the board for the water as it flows through. This means more down the line speed and better release off the wake for bigger airs.

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