Hyperlite Varial Trifecta Wakesurf Board 2020

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The ultimate in wakesurf technology
Super responsive high-performance shred machine
Squared tail shape for quicker edge transitions and faster reactions
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Construction: Varial Foam - stronger, lighter, faster and more durable.

The Trifecta delivers a fast and lively ride with unmatched response and maneuverability. The squared tail profile creates multiple pivot points that engage with added tail pressure - allowing for maximum leverage on airs, snaps, and cutbacks. The Trifecta features a harder rail profile with unmatched drive and speed.

The Trifecta is part of the Hyperlite x Varial wakesurf collaboration. This unique collection of boards offers the results of years of development and the most advanced surf technology available. These boards are hand shaped in Ventura, California using exclusive aerospace grade materials to create the most advanced ride the wakesurf world has ever seen.


  • 4' 2" - Riders 60 - 130 lbs.
  • 4' 4" - Riders 100 - 160 lbs.
  • 4' 8" - Riders 120 - 210 lbs.
  • 5' 2" - Riders 140 - 250 lbs

Sizing based on wave size and rider ability

    Varial Foam is the world’s first high-performance foam adapted from advanced aerospace materials for surfboard construction. It is a new foam chemistry which focuses on improving the performance of the surfboard core. The high modulus of Varial Foam makes it 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a PU blank with a stringer. It provides a strong and lively foundation on which shapers can incorporate any flex option they desire. Our extremely tight cell structure and uniform density enhance the board building process, eliminating variables which negatively affect a board’s performance. Varial Foam is 100% UV resistant and is always stringerless.

    Varial has created a new patent-pending process for glassing boards, called Infused Glass. Drawing on our core competencies of adapting aerospace technologies for the advancement of surfboard performance, Varial has developed a revolutionary vacuum bagged glassing product. The process, currently used to make large wind turbine blades and racing boat hulls, infuses polyester or epoxy resin into the fiberglass under vacuum pressure in one shot. This produces a uniform laminate with extremely low resin content, creating the ability to isolate and engineer specific characteristics into the skins of the surfboard for any desired performance attributes. 

    Providing the best fin interface in the industry. A solid base design offers 100% fin-to-base connection.

    Fast rail to rail transitions with incredible drive and speed.

    Available with multiple fin options - the thruster setup allows you to run two or three fins and customize the response and drive of your surfer.

    The Varial foam construction is resistant to heat and UV damage - no worries about it getting toasty under your boat cover or in the board racks.

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