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Hyperlite Ocka Wakesurf Board 2021

Hyperlite Ocka Wakesurf Board 2021
Hyperlite Ocka Wakesurf Board 2021


  • Ocean Style Surfing
    The Ocka comes straight out of Hyperlite's collaboration with SuperBrand - one of the most prestigious ocean board shaping companies in the world

  • Ultra-Fast and Great For Airs
    The Ocka features a wide body profile and flat rocker line for maximum speed on the wave that can carry you up into the air

  • Built with Performance Materials
    A blend of EPS, polyurethane, wood, and carbon give this board a great feel, lightweight design and excellent response

  • Customizable Fin Setup
    Can be run as a quad fin with 2 large fins and 2 smaller ones for more drive and power or a twin with just the two large outside fins for a looser feel and easier spins

Another masterpiece from Hyperlite's collaboration with Australian based SuperBrand. The Ocka, or (äkä) as it's pronounced, is a wide-body surfer capable of massive airs with plenty of foot space on both tail & tip. The ¾" tail rocker maintains speed in the wave and keeps you in the sweet spot with little effort. The Ocka rides with a floaty feeling like no other, making spins and varial tricks easy for all skill levels.

Does NOT come with fins or traction pads!

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