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Hyperlite Automatic Wakesurf Board 2021

Hyperlite Automatic Wakesurf Board 2021
Hyperlite Automatic Wakesurf Board 2021
Aggressive Carves and Turns
-The Automatic features a boxed out wide swallow tail and pulled in nose that rolls from rail to rail quickly while still maintaining speed for airs

Extremely Durable and Lightweight
-The Automatic features Hyperlite's Carbon Durashell construction which can take a serious beating without developing cracks or dings but is still stiff and lightweight

Customizable Fin Setup
-Can be run as a quad fin with 2 large fins and 2 smaller ones for more drive and power or a twin with just the two large outside fins for a looser feel and easier spins

Great for All Ability Levels
-The Automatic is stable and smooth for novice surfers but can really rip for riders looking to up their surf game

Another brainchild from Scott Bouchard, the Automatic delivers a floaty surf vibe spawned from the beaches and wakes of Florida. Featuring our all new Full Carbon DuraShell Construction, the Automatic looks and surfs better than the rest. DuraShell includes top and bottom carbon laminates and is finished with seamless edges eliminating flash lines, rolling smooth from edge to edge. With a Full Bamboo Base Inlay the Automatic has a lively feel when snapping turns and popping airs. The single concave running through the midsection delivers great push in the wake. Customize your ride with four Futures Fin Boxes including 2 Flux Fins and 2 Minis for a loose or solid feel.

  • Layered Glass
    Our fiberglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year.
  • DuraShell Construction
  • EPS Core
  • Seamless Rail Finish
  • Single Concave Base Contour
  • Machined EVA Traction
  • LAP Construction
  • Bamboo Pop Top Construction
4'7'' Automatic
5'0'' Automatic
Total Volume
16.6 Liters
18.4 Liters
Tip & Tail Width
Swallow Tail
Swallow Tail
Center Width
Rocker Style Height
2.45'' Tip & .25'' Tail
2.45'' Tip & .25'' Tail
Fin Qty
2" Drop (2) 3.5" Flux (2)
2" Drop (2) 3.5" Flux (2)
Weight Range
up to 170 lbs.
up to 230 lbs.

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Aggressive, Lightweight, Durable
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