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Hyperlite Accelerator Wakesurf Board 2021

New for 2021, The Accelerator is built to twist and turn down the line and boost above the lip!
  • Varial Infused Glass - Utilizing a vacuum bagged glassing process, this produces a uniform laminate with extremely low resin content, creating the ability to isolate and engineer specific characteristics into the skins of the surfboard for any desired performance attributes.
  • Dual Deck Reinforcement - Providing uncommon durability
  • Varial Foam PU Core - Varial's core construction providing a hyper-responsive connection to the water
  • Futures Fin Boxes - The fin box of choice for high end surfers.  A solid base design that offers 100% fin to base connection.
The Accelerator is a modern twist on a classic board design that has been trusted throughout the years.  This little high performance twin fin will accelerate in and out of turns, and the wide cut swallow tail will allow you to easily boost above the lip.  We designed a double wing on each rail to give the board a little bite so you won't be too squirrely with the twin fin set up.  There is plenty of volume in the tail and under the front foot which give the board great cruising speed. However, a modern entry rocker and a single double concave gives the board controlled speed so all you need to do is lean forward and stomp the gas pedal. Built with Varial Foam and Infused Glass technologies, these materials are strong and hyper-responsive: think about a maneuver and it just happens.
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