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HO Syndicate VTX Slalom Water Ski 2018

HO Syndicate VTX Slalom Water Ski 2018
HO Syndicate VTX Slalom Water Ski 2018

SKI ONLY - Boots sold separately

The VTX is tried and true in its tournament level performance. With more cross wake acceleration than any ski HO has designed before, the VTX is ready to help you set a new personal best. It's long, smooth rocker line keeps the skier stable and balanced while coming out of a turn and crossing the wakes. There's no true flat spot, so you'll get a very fluid, natural feel when navigating the slalom course. Exclusive to HO, the VTX is equipped with Carbon Fiber SpeeedSkin to reduce suction and add speed to the bottom of the ski. The Vibration Dampening System found on the tip of the ski dampens the "chatter" when skiing in less than ideal conditions, allowing you to be confident no matter what time of the day you leave the dock.

HO Skis is proud to design, test, build and finish all Syndicate Skis in the United States of America. From conception to completion these skis are handcrafted by the Legend/Champion/Expert design team headed by lead engineer and HO VP Dave Wingerter, Ski Legend and Master Shaper Bob LaPoint, and the Syndicate pro team including Will Asher and Jon Travers.

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