HO Freeride Slalom Water Ski 2018

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HO took a completely unique approach when they designed the Freeride. Water skiing legends Marcus Brown, Bob LaPoint, and Dave Wingerter decided to design a ski for how the majority of boaters experience waterskiing - no man-made lakes, no professional drivers, and no specific boats. The result was the freeride. The wide ride profile makes getting out of the water on the Freeride easier than ever before. Its reduced concave makes slower speeds and beginners comfortable, while the distinct bevel and clean edge technology allow the ski to be stacked on edge for those that are more advanced. When the tournament level skiers on staff aren't in the course, this is their ski of choice! Nothing but fun and enjoyment.


  • 63" =   70 - 150 lbs.
  • 65" =   90 - 170 lbs.
  • 67" =   130 - 220 lbs.
  • 69" =   160 - 260 lbs.
  • 71" =   190 - 330 lbs.

Ski sizing is based on personal preference and is given as a recommendation. Many factors including a skier's height, preference and boat speed will affect the desired ski size. Any size ski can be ridden by any size skier, it just may not perform the way it was designed.

    Steep entry concave for amazing edge hold when laying down powerful arcs

    This revolutionary ski technology allows skiers to ski behind any boat, at any speed, in any water condition. The beveled edge of a traditional waterski allows water to wrap around the bottom of the ski and up the sidewall where it finally releases off the ski's top edge. Clean Edge is bevel-less and the sidewalls are rotated inward like wakeboard edge. This combination causes water to release cleanly off the ski's bottom surface resulting in a 50% less drag than conventional skis.

    Less drag equals more lift and it is the lift on the rear 50% of the Freeride's running length that enables low drag skiing with less spray and effort. From under the skier's front foot through the forebody of the ski, the Freeride utilizes a traditional ski edge design. This rounded edge rides deeper in the water for the stability skiers need.

    A snowski inspired flex pattern allows the Freeride to bend its rocker into turns providing smooth carving with low effort.

    NACA Airfoil inspired 3-dimensional fin enhances ski versatility by increasing glide speed and turning properties

    30% Softer Flex to maximize feel for more finesse skiers.

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