HO CX Slalom Water Ski 2014

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CX WATERSKI - Designed for 60 turns not 6

The ultimate in cross-over ski technology, skis designed to deliver maximum performance with unparalleled efficiency.  The CX collection (Cross-Over) marries the world record capable design of the Syndicate A3 with the ultra-efficient Clean Edge technology of the Freeride ski, to create the perfect cross performance of performance and ease of use.  HO stated with the Syndicate A3 design, increased the surface area of the ski by one ski size from the tip to just behind the heel of the rear foot.  Behind the rear foot the transitions from traditional to futuristic as he sidewalls rotate inward like a wakeboard edge and ski bevels disappear in the tail section of the ski.  The combination of these two features allows the the water to cleanly release directly off the bottom of the ski, this reduces the drag on the rear of the ski by 50%.  The bottom line is the ski takes much less effort to ski, it has been said the CX is designed to make 60 turns not 6.
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