Eight.3 Wake Surf Shaper w/ Boat Shims XL

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The Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper, is probably the most buzzed about product in the wakesurf comunity this past year! The fellas at Eight.3 have designed an aftermarket Wakesurf shaper that is easy to mount to either side of your boat, to clean up the wave, and make a great surfable shape! This product isn't limited to new Wakeboard boats. The wakesurf shaper works amazing on old and New Ski Boats, V-Drives and DirectDrives, making your old ski boat a great surfing machine! The Shaper mounts to your boat using Special adhesive velcrow you add to your boat! This comes with everything you need to make your surf wave a huge swell!

New for 2017 Eight.3 has changed the design of the wakesurf shaper slightly, making the face larger, more of a defined edge, and a little concave, to give a larger, more powerfull wave, and creating less drag on the boat. Which means better Fuel Consumption. 

They buld this product in two sizes. The standard (15.5"), and XL Size (19.5"). (more info on dimensions in sizing tab.)



Standard Size Dimensions

15.5” – Boat Surface Length
21” – Water Surface Length
11” – Height
7.5” – Depth


Whoever came up with the phrase less is more hasn’t used our new XL product. The biggest/cleanest wake regardless of the size of your boat. If your boat has enough room to apply the 19.5” long running surface using our shims – there is no reason to not use an XL version.

XL Size Dimensions

19.5” – Boat Surface Length
26” – Water Surface Length
12.5” – Height
9” – Depth



The shim is a simple attachment between the Wakesurf Shaper and a boat’s hull. Every hull shape is different
some are mostly flat and don’t require a shim. Others have a step hull and require a 1” shim – other boats have a more pronounced step and need a 2” shim, while in some cases you might need both shims to make a 3” gap between the hull and your Wakesurf Shaper. For installation we recommend the Wakesurf Shaper is 80% subgmerged when boat is properly weighted and as close to the stern as your hull will allow.


The adhesive fastener strips that attach to the boat are intentionally 6” longer than the Wakesurf shaper. This allows for further adjustment towards the bow or the stern of the boat greatly altering the shape of the wake. When closer to the stern, the wake becomes steeper, and deeper – closer towards the bow and the wake gets a longer sweet spot – who says you can’t surf tandem?


NEW DESIGN The change – we added a concave thru the center with a greater, more defined leading edge. The result – more effective job of diverting a column of water creating less drag on the boat with improved fuel efficiency than last year’s model. Designed for the surfer that wants the biggest inboard swell. *Comes complete with: Wakesurf Shaper, 2 adjustable shims, 4 adhesive fastener strips, instructional USB, and an owner’s manual. With a built in handle it is easy to move to either side of your boat

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