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Hyperlite X-Line 70' | 2022

Hyperlite X-Line 70' | 2022
Hyperlite X-Line 70' | 2022

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Hyperlite set a new standard for wake rope technology, ensuring flotation at all times and smooth running through your hands during a pick up. This flotation is accomplished with the Silicone Cable Coating found on our X-Line ropes. Hyperlite Team Riders found that the Silicone Coating provides a smoother feel as the line runs through your hands, which was an added bonus as the primary goal was creating a fully floating mainline. The Silicone Cable Coating ensures a buoyant line visible at all times. Simply put - Our Lines Float! X-Line Total Length 70' / 4 Take Off Loops / 2 x 5' & 2 x 2.5"

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Silicone Coated Wakeboard Rope
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