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Hyperlite Varial Riot Wakesurf Board 2020

Hyperlite Varial Riot Wakesurf Board 2020
Hyperlite Varial Riot Wakesurf Board 2020
Pro Level Surf Performance
-The Riot is Noah Flegel's signature surf shape and is able to handle his explosive riding style like nothing else out there
Ultra-Fast to build speed and stay in the wave
-The Riot features a wide body profile and flat rocker line for maximum speed on the wave
Smooth Carves and Big Airs
-The soft rail shape provides smooth transitions while the tail profile and quad fin setup are ideal for big airs and tricks
Durable and Able to Handle Dings
-Every Mothership is custom-shaped by Varial's master shapers in Ventura, California using Varial Foam - a special closed cell foam core that won't allow water intrusion through dings and is UV resistant
Customizable Fin Setup
-Can be run as a quad fin with 2 large fins and 2 smaller ones for more drive and power or a twin with just the two large outside fins for a looser feel and easier spins

Noah has taken the momentum of the Varial Project and applied his own twist to create a new shape - the all-new RIOT Wakesurf Board. Built using the most advanced materials and construction processes available, the Riot is the most advanced and aggressive board in the Hyperlite lineup. This new shape features a wider tail profile for added speed and drive off your back foot. Combined with the fastest rocker line in the collection yet, the RIOT is designed for big airs and a responsive ride. As always, all of the Varial shapes are handmade in Ventura California using aerospace grade materials and processes yielding the finest wakesurfers available.

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