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Hyperlite Frother | 2022

Hyperlite Frother | 2022
Hyperlite Frother | 2022

Sizes Available: 5.0

The Hyperlite Frother, shaped by our partners at SuperBrand is the next phase of our collaboration with this dedicated team of surfers from Australia. Taking the best elements from the Ocka and Bucket Chucker, head shaper Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher developed the Frother to take this new shape to the next level. A true twin shape with a wide hybrid rocket tail, the Frother creates extra speed and drive for explosive turns and airs and delivers a loose high end feel. This unique tail rocker combines the float of other wide tail shapes which holds tight when required but also allows for a quick release when needed. The new carbon layup provides a true flex feel making the Frother feel lively under foot as you push the board through maneuvers. The single to double concave is designed to channel water through the center of the board for effortless speed and float down the line. Every Frother is hand made in the SuperBrand surfboard factory in Australia to exacting standards, delivering what we believe is one of the most fun high end wakesurf shapes ever produced.

  • Made in Australia
    Proudly shaped and hand made in Australia
  • PU Core w/Wood Stringer
    Polyurethane foam combined with a wood stringer is the traditional surfboard core known worldwide.
  • Carbon Reinforced Inlay
    Added carbon laminates for durability maintain engineered flex characteristics.
  • Single to Double Concave
    Channels water down the belly of the board transitioning to dual concave exiting tail.
  • True Twin Fin
    Industry standard twin fin design for speed and drive down the wave.
  • Tail Profile - Wide
    The wider the tail shape the more push you have down the wave with increased ollie power.
  • Tail Shape - Swallow
    Great on shorter board lengths, provides hold on steeper waves and is a super fun turning on the rail.
  • SuperBrand
    Introducing our exclusive partnership with SuperBrand, bringing some of the most progressive surf shapes to the world’s wakes. Founded in 2008, SuperBrand organized a team of young, innovative surf designers with one simple mission: Progression. With roots firmly planted in surf culture, they create unique shapes that fulfill the wants, needs and vision of today’s athletes.
  • Polyester Resin

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SuperBrand Colab - True Twin Fin for Drive & Speed
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