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HO Sports Fusion Freeride w/ Dbl FreeMAX | 2021

HO Sports Fusion Freeride w/ Dbl FreeMAX | 2021
HO Sports Fusion Freeride w/ Dbl FreeMAX | 2021
Your absolute best days on the lake, are those days when you're at the end of the handle, leaned over, in a perfect dance with the boat, on a rocket ride to the other side of the wakes. That feeling is indescribable…and it's a feeling you can only get while freeriding on water. The Freeride Fusion is a cross between all the things that make the Freeride line so successful, and the best Crossover ski on the market, the Omni. It's clean edge tail and low drag design specifically enhance the skiing experience on variable speeds and water conditions. The wide platform makes it super stable, allowing you to easily master new skills without sacrificing those smooth as butter edge to edge transitions. The end result is a ride unlike any other: the easiest deep water starts on the planet, silky smooth wake crossings, and the performance and stability of the best-in-class Omni. Ski behind virtually any watercraft, on nearly any waterway. The 2021 includes the new Asher Balance fin and Switchblade Fin System. Shaped by top pro Will Asher, the Balance Fin features a reduced fin length for quick turn rotation combined with a new distribution of surface area for great cross course direction. The Switchblade system takes the guesswork out of fin settings, no calipers needed! Just swap in a new blade shape and you're ready to experience new performance characteristics from your ski.

The FreeMAX boot is an amazing "slip them on and enjoy the ride". The dual lace zones offer an amazing fit with a low drag bungee upper and static lace in the lower lace zone that locks down the skiers foot for precision control.

Ski ModelSki Length and WidthRecommended WeightFront Boot Location
65"65.2" x 7.34"110 LBS to 150 LBS28.50"
67"67.1" x 7.50"150 LBS to 200 LBS29.50"
69"69.1" x 7.66"200 LBS to 250 LBS30.50"
71"71.0" x 7.82"Over 25031.50"

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