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Follow BP Pro Impact Life Vest in Khaki

Follow BP Pro Impact Life Vest in Khaki
Follow BP Pro Impact Life Vest in Khaki

BP's signature vest represents 8 years of hardcore R&D at Follow. Expect epic durability, comfort, and style for days with this feat of life vest engineering.

The BP's ProFit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body at all times, both before, during, and after your session. Duraprene neoprene is tough as nails but somehow is still soft and stretchy on the inside. Dual-layer neoprene construction combines durability and comfort, particularly when combined with Follow's Feather weight foam, the softest and lightest foam around. Throw in complete stitch segment panels for no foam movement and double stash pockets and you have a sure winner with the BP Pro vest from Follow.

Please note that comp vests should fit snugly to get the best comfort and performance of your jacket. Since comp vests stretch out with wear and use, the initial fit should feel fairly tight. Don't be alarmed if your vest feels a bit snug when you first receive it.

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If you haven't heard of Follow life jackets, or ropes then we need to take a minute to tell you about how great and comfortable their product is!

Follow has designed their vest for maximum comfort, and range of motion. The foam is sectioned off in strategic places, keeping you comfortable all day long, and giving you more flexibility for those grabs. Snag a Follow vest, and add some style to your riding!

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