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Eidon Tanna Caia Bottoms Multi

Eidon Tanna Caia Bottoms Multi
Eidon Tanna Caia Bottoms Multi

When exploring the depths of the South American jungle, trees as tall as skyscrapers cover the heavens with their intertwining branches. And where the sunlight is barely able to reach, the fiery blooms pop out against the deep greens of the leafy surroundings, making up for the darkness. Acting as guiding lights, the jungle’s vivid flowers brighten the marked trails in front of us and reveal other paths less traveled – for those of us willing to go off course. As an enchanting alternative to other floral prints, our Tanna collection is what you get when adventure and romance collide in all the right ways. This vibrant new collection will leave you with a sense of wanderlust and a need for lush greenery.

Our cheekiest coverage this season, the Caia is Eidon’s new low-rise bikini bottom. With side frills for a touch of detail, these cute-as-a-button bottoms are one of this season’s favorite pieces amongst surfer girls and bloggers alike. And for added vers And for added versatility, the frills can be swiftly tucked in for a simpler look.

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