The Book Wakeskate Instructional: 3 Volume DVD Box Set


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Join professional wakeskater Aaron Reed as he guides you through the sport of wakeskating. In this series, Aaron breaks each trick down so that you can understand the basics and what it takes to master them. This approach to teaching causes riders to naturally progress quicker. This series will not only help newcomers get started with proper fundamentals and correct form, but it also enlightens seasoned riders so they will progress further, faster. This Box set includes all 3 DVDs from this instructional series. With over 4 hours of footage you can't go wrong with this box set.

This series was shot over a twelve month period at The Wakeboard Camp. It is narrated and directed by top wakeskater Aaron Reed. This instructional is absolutely the most comprehensive wakeskating instructional ever. There are almost five hours of content. It contains everything you could possibly want to know about the sport including equipment, wakeskating basics, wake slides, wake jumps, varials, shuvs, spins, kickflips and airs.

Features include wakeskate and skateboard comparisons, split screens showing the difference between rider and chase boat shots and regular and goofy versions of each trick, foot position indicators and grab illustrations. The Book also uses 3D digital animation to help you compare angles that would not be easily obtained with a camera.


  • Run Time:  4 Hours 52 minutes (292 minutes)
  • Producer:  McLin Digital
  • Locations: Florida
  • Featured Riders:  Aaron Reed, Danny Molina, Scott Byerly, George Daniels, Phillip Basino, Silas Thurman, Andrew Beaver and Vinnie Rizzo.
  • Featured Segments in Volume 1:  Equipment, Getting Ready, Getting Up, Riding Positions, Edging, The Ollie, and Wakeslides.
  • Featured Segments in Volume 2:  Wake Jumps, Grabs, HS FS 180, TS FS 180, Body Varial, Suvits
  • Featured Segments in Volume 3:  HS BS 180, TS BS 180, Wakeslide Variations, Big Spins, HS FS 360, HS BS 360, TS FS 360, Varial Flip, Frontslide Flip, Backside Flip
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