Slingshot Alien Twister Wakesurf Board 2015

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Inspired by the Ankle Biter and the T-Rex surfboard, the all new Alien Twister is undoubtedly the most progressive shape yet. Its short length enables it to fit perfectly into the pocket while the concave deck provides a skateboard feel, giving you more control and maneuverability. The Alien Twister's unique volume distribution features a narrow "truncated" nose and wide swallow tail delivering more performance without jeopardizing speed. While the double concave and subtle V spine allows the board to transition from edge to edge for a fun and agile ride. Utilizing the quad fin setup allows surfers to fine tune the performance of their board with either the two or quad fin set up. Whatever the wave, the Alien Twister will have you begging for one more ride.

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Wakesurf Fins 2 Fins, 4 Fins


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SNUB NOSE AGGRESSIVE FREESTYLE SHAPETruncated nose significantly reduces swing weight while sitll providing a cnetral control point on the board.

DYNAMIC VOLUME DISTRIBUTIONOffers conrol and stability of a longboard.

GRAB HANDLEEasy and convenient carrying.

DOUBLE CONCAVE + V SPINE - Provides a loose transition from edge to edge for short board agility.

QUAD FIN SET UPGet the drive you want with twin or quad fin configurations.


4'4" - 75 lbs to 225 lbs (34 kg to 102 kg)

4'6" - 100 lbs to 250 lbs (45 kg to 113 kg)

4'8" - 125 lbs to 275 lbs (56 kg to 124 kg)


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