Inland Surfer Squirt Wakesurf Board 2014
Inland Surfer Squirt Wakesurf Board 2014
Inland Surfer Squirt Wakesurf Board 2014 ON SALE Your Price: $569.95 Retail: $700.00

The Squirt is our compression-molded board built for durability and speed.  Hailed as "the best bang for your buck”, the Squirt delivers speed and maneuverability at an entry-level price.  Whether you’re new to the sport of wake surfing or looking for a versatile board to add to the quiver, the Squirt fits the bill perfectly. Big guys (200 lbs +) can ride this board as well as the beginners. If you’re on a budget this board is for you in a single fin configuration to give a skim style feel or add fins to give it a surf style feel.

Ability Level:
The ability level recommendation for this board is Beginner to Advanced.

Tri fin - for that extra surf style feel.
Dual fin
– beginner to advanced surf style feel.
Single fin
- beginner to advance skim style feel.

Woodloc WoodLoc - our process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom platform, to increase strength, rigidity, stiffness and overall performance.
Compression Edge Compression Edge - Compression molded construction used to create a very durable board with added edge control for beginner and intermediate riders.
3x Fin Fin options - number of fin options available.
Rear Kick Rear Kick - EVA traction with raised rear kick pad for incredible foot hold.
Rocket Rocker ROCKET Rocker - This profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down-the-line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance.
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Tech Specs:
5’0”- 21.75”-5/8” 7 lbs.

Weight Range:
The weight range recommendation for this board is 70lbs. to 250lbs. depending on wake size.

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