Hyperlite Wakeboards

Hyperlite produced the original compression molded wakeboards back in 1991 and have been at the forefront of wakeboard design and construction ever since.  The Hyperlite wakeboards line features boards that will fit any ability or riding style.  Backed by the likes of Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinosky and Jimmy Lariche, the Hyperlite Marek, Murray, Franchise, Tribute and B-Side are lethal weapons when riding behind the boat. These boards feature a proprietary blend of glass and foam and will deliver maximum pop and response off the wake. The all new Cable Collective arsenal which includes the Union, Webb, Process and Clash have been designed with the help of JD Webb and Nick Davies.  These decks, though great behind the boat, are built with unique properties and materials that make them bulletproof on features and agile in the water.

If you have any questions about which board will fit you best, give us a call, send an email or chat online and we will will hook you up.  Grab yourself a new Hyperlite wakeboard, you won't be disappointed.