February 15 2013 - SWELL - Keenan Flegel by BoardCo

Keenan Flegel is the reigning surf style World Wakesurfing Champion, and after watching this you will be able to see why.  Keenan is constantly pushing wakesurfing to the next level and kills it behind his Centurion Enzo SV244.  Keenan's signature surf and skim style boards will be available later this year on

See the full line of Inland Surfer boards on BoardCo:

February 15 2013 - New Liquid Force Boots

Photo: Just got a few boots in from @liquidforce. Yeah, we probably have your size. #awesomewakeboots #weheartliquidforce #getsome #slampiece

Just got a shipment in of wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force.  We probably have your size if you need a pair.


February 15 2013 - Josh Twelker is Back

Photo: @joshtwelker taking his first set since knee surgery. The kid's still got it. Check out his signature boots from @cwbboardco if you want to twelk this hard. #twelking #gumby #deltaforce

After blowing out his knee Josh Twelker is back on the water!  The King of the Delta is ready to rock and roll in his new signature wakeboard boots from CWB, and as you can tell, the kid's still got it.

Check them out here:

February 15 2013 - Rexburg Snowboarding Cable

Rexburg, Idaho now has the first ever snowboarding cable system in the United States, and it is crazy fun to ride. Check out this edit and get up there if you can, we guarantee it will be a good time. They will also have a legit wakeboard park setup this summer, so get up there and ride if you are anywhere in the Northwest.


February 15 2013 - Kolton Barney 2012 Video

We really like our Recruit team here at BoardCo.  They don't have the hype and fame of our pro level riders, but these are the kids out there in the local scene pushing the sport at the ground level; plus, they still keep the standard 9 to 5.  Kolton Barney is a great guy and one of our favorite Utah shredders.  He put together this run at the end of last season and it makes me want to get back out on a wakeboard.

February 15 2013 - Stratacous Instagram Picture

Photo: Our friend @stratacous posted up this gem and asked us to blast it. With a shot this golden how could we say no? #wakeboarding #sunset #slampiece
@Stratacous, one of our fans on Instagram, dropped this little gem of him wakeboarding during an epic sunset.  Because of the awesomeness level, we decided to post it up on our Instagram account and it received the most likes of any picture we have ever posted.  Nice work!