SWELL - Keenan Flegel by BoardCo

February 15 2013

Keenan Flegel is the reigning surf style World Wakesurfing Champion, and after watching this you will be able to see why.  Keenan is constantly pushing wakesurfing to the next level and kills it behind his Centurion Enzo SV244.  Keenan's signature surf and skim style boards will be available later this year on BoardCo.com.

See the full line of Inland Surfer boards on BoardCo:



Keenan - Great clips! (3/23/2015 5:20:00 AM)
One of my friends from Athlete network suggested your blog to me. I was searching for clips of Keenan Flegel and coming to your site is never a regret! Thank you for sharing, I hope your footage at https://news.soulid.me can get more readership!

John - California
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Japz - DomhhmvS7J8
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