December 6 2012

Raph Derome dropped this video at the 2012 Surf Expo and the janitor had to come around after to clean up all the jaws on the floor.  2012 has been the year of Raph, from winning the biggest competition in the history of wakeboarding, the Red Bull Wake Open, to holding down the top spot at every single cable competition.  Add on being the only rider in history to win the Transworld and Alliance Rider of the Year Awards and Raph has owned the limelight this year and never let it go.  The craziest thing about Raph is he has dominated every single aspect of the sport and this video is absolute proof.  Raph, pure and simple, is the future of wakeboarding.

Check out all of Raph's gear from Billabong and Liquid Force at BoardCo.


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