New Liquid Force Boots

February 15 2013

Photo: Just got a few boots in from @liquidforce. Yeah, we probably have your size. #awesomewakeboots #weheartliquidforce #getsome #slampiece

Just got a shipment in of wakeboard bindings from Liquid Force.  We probably have your size if you need a pair.



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Mariolina - bEJiBGicWk
HiI was not quite su (3/28/2015 4:53:00 PM)
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Ahmet - HdaFIznm
I'm glad for a new t (3/30/2015 5:22:00 PM)
I'm glad for a new tip always. I have an old freind and she has never finished a quilt. She has one to the stage that lacks the binding. Maybe this tutorial is the trick that she needs for the corners that will help her. She is a perfectionist through and through. I have no idea what is holding her back, so maybe so maybe this will help her to finally tackle this chore for her to finally finish her first finish. Thank you. I have two quilts to bind for twin great niece and nephew and I'm going to give this a go for those as I too am a perfectionist and am always looking for a sure fire method. Many thanks. And we will certainly welcome you back to the mainland and hope you find peace here. [url=]nrqjuviv[/url] [link=]adjvgtwba[/link]

Rahel - GcXmegOn
Hand binding all the (4/1/2015 7:53:00 PM)
Hand binding all the way for this gal. I<a href=""> mcnaihe</a> stitched one baby quilt binding because I had a deadline but I detested the look and swore never again. I stitch the opposite of you in that I have the binding edge closest to me and take my first stitch in the backing then the binding. When I dip back into the backing for my next stitch I go into the backing just behind where the last stitch came up and you see only one tiny stitch. My stitches are fairly equal in size...a scant 1/4". You are sooooo right about the finger/toe catching thing. Yikes! Why bother?! Those big ole stitches are really ugly and look like a person just coudn't take the time to do a proper finish. In that case I would even rather the<a href=""> mcnaihe</a> finished binding. Can't wait to see your finished quilt. :o)

Frens - M7DSyYJaMBN
I machine sttcih min (4/3/2015 6:40:00 PM)
I machine sttcih mine down on the back. I have arthritis in my hands and holding a needle for too long gives me a cramp (and I want to use whatever hand sttcihing time I can manage for cross sttcih or EPP!). Also I don't enjoy hand sttcihing and it always looks messy to me when I do it so I'd rather have a nice clean machine sttcihed edge that I know will hold than my messy probably prone to coming undone sttcihing!When I sew clothes I use my machine to do the hem for the same reasons! [url=]oltqlgpdben[/url] [link=]qydlkqdnvyw[/link]

Annette - cssaMLlS5L
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