Prop Rotation Explained

Rotation is the direction that the prop rotates when viewed from the stern of the boat (facing forward).  Right-hand propellers (indicated by RH) rotate clockwise and left-hand propellers (indicated by LH) rotate counter-clockwise.  Which propeller rotation you choose is determined by what type of drive system your boat has (whether it is left or right).

Boat brands that are typically equipped with left-hand drives*:
Centurion (standard rotation), Calabria, MasterCraft, Malibu, Supreme, Supra, Moomba, Gekko, Tige, Sanger, Svfara, Wakecraft, MB, Epic, Nautiques (2008 and newer)

Boat Brands that are typically equipped with right-hand drives*:
Centurion (w/ SurfRight System), Nautiques (2007 and older)

*Brands are not always equipped with drive systems listed.  Those listed are the most common drive options for the indicated brands.