HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013
HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013
HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013
HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013
HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013
HO Couture X Slalom Water Ski 2013 ON SALE Your Price: $249.95 Retail: $420.00


In the past few years our Women's Team, or Couture Collective, have been pushing us to design a ski specifically for them. The Couture comes from the 65 inch Coefficient X mold, a decision made by April Coble & Breanne Wagner because it delivers what they have been seeking. The Couture utilizes our Step Concave Technology which drastically reduces drag and the amount of physical effort required to ski it. The Step Concave introduces a very small amount of turbulence into the concave, which interrupts the boundary layer, freeing the water molecules and thereby allowing the ski to move through the water with a decreased Coefficient of Drag. The result is a more efficient ski shape that minimizes the amount of physical effort required by the skier so she can enjoy longer more efficient ski rides. The Couture Team also demanded a departure from old school thinking on women's ski shapes. The past philosophy of wider skis to accommodate the slower speed was tossed out the window. Our team specified a traditional width slalom ski that cuts through the wakes as apposed to bouncing over them. The Couture delivers. The Couture achieves its unparallel stability by utilizing a significantly deeper concave, pintail geometry and 5-Stage rocker line. Each of these design elements holds the ski to the water surface, so the step concave and smaller bevel design can dictate the line between carve and slide. Combine these features with a women's specific construction and flex pattern and you get the Couture. A ski developed by our Couture Team from start to finish. Even the graphics were designed by a member of the team, a look fashioned after their tastes and desires. Break free from tradition and hop on the Couture for the ultimate slalom course of free skiing experience.

  • Bob LaPoint Design
  • Step Concave Design
  • 5-Stage Rockerline
  • Pin Tail Geometry
  • Blended Carbon & Fiberglass Reinforcements
  • Poly Urethane Foam Core
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin Block
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.

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65 in. = 90 - 160 lbs.

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