Hyperlite Claw Set Std
Hyperlite Claw Set Std
Hyperlite Claw Set Std
Hyperlite Claw Set Std Your Price: $29.99

These wing bolt claws adjust from +24 degrees to -24 degrees and anywhere in-between. Riders don't have to remove bolts from the insert and re-attach them to vary a stance angle. These claws have a std 1/4 20 thread pattern which mounts to Hyperlite boards for model years 2012 and older.

Comes with both Phillips screwdriver bolts and thumb bolts.

Comes in a set of 4.

The Hyperlock Claw set is designed for all Hyperlite Wakeboard Bindings that feature the claw plate and are mounting to a 2012 model year board or older.

Hyperlite Boot Model Years that feature the claw plate:
  • All 2003-2009 Boots
  • Low end 2010 and 2012 Boots
  • For 2012 and Older Boards

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The Hyperlock Claw std set is designed for bindings designed to use the claw attachment system and for boards with a std thread pattern (model year 2012 and older).
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