The Book: Spinning DVD
The Book: Spinning DVD
The Book: Spinning DVD Your Price: $28.99

This DVD includes everything you need to know about spinning ON and OFF axis on a wakeboard. We start out with "On Axis" spins from the most simple 360's, all the way through 720's. Then we get into "Off Axis" spins. Starting with Off Axis 180's and taking you through Off Axis 900's. You'll also see every single spin on the trampoline, and give you tips on how to grab various spins.


  • Run Time:  140 minutes
  • Producer:  McLin Digital
  • Locations: Florida
  • Featured Riders:  Kyle Schmidt, Ben Greenwood, Kurt Robertson, Mike Mclin, Andrew Adkison, Keith Lyman, Gerry Nunn, Jeff Weatherall, Phillip Combs, Bo Burton, Egil Furre, Amber Wing, Lance Blackmore, Joey Arcisz
  • Featured Tricks:  Heelside Frontside 360, Heelside Backside 360, Toeside Frontside 360, Toeside Backside 360, Heelside Frontside 540, Heelside Backside 540, Toeside Frontside 540, Heelside Backside 720, Toeside Frontside 720, Heelside Frontside Off-Axis 180, Heelside Backside Off-Axis 180, Toeside Frontside Off-Axis 180, Toeside Backside Off-Axis 180, Heelside Frontside Off-Axis 360, Heelside Backside Off-Axis 360, Toeside Frontside Off-Axis 360, Toeside Backside Off-Axis 360, Heelside Frontside Off-Axis 540, Heelside Backside Off-Axis 540, Toeside Frontside Off-Axis 540, Heelside Frontside Off-Axis 720, Toeside Frontside Off-Axis 900 
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