Acme 224 4 Blade Prop (13 x 15.5 RH 1 Inch)
Acme 224 4 Blade Prop (13 x 15.5 RH 1 Inch)
Acme 224 4 Blade Prop (13 x 15.5 RH 1 Inch) Your Price: $509.99


Acme Marine propellers are  engineered and manufactured using Acme’s CNC process providing the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter, pitch and cup size every time.

If you are not sure what prop you need for your application, please call us with the information about your current prop and what you want to change, if anything, and we can help.

Key Benefits of Acme Propellers:

  • 100% CNC Accuracy & Consistency
  • Revolutionary Performance
  • Exceptionally Smooth Operation
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.


Acme goes to great lengths to machine their propellers in a superior fashion to other prop manufacturers. For more information on how Acme designs, engineers and manufactures their propellers click here.

A Brief Explanation of Propeller Specifications

Acme propellers are listed in a way to inform you of part number, pitch, diameter, cup size, and rotation - such as 901 (13x11.5 LH .040 Cup)

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  • Diameter - 13
  • Pitch - 15.5
  • Cup  - .090
  • Rotation - Right Hand Rotation
  • Shaft - 1 inch
  • Application - Correct Craft
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