Phase 5 Colt Wakesurf Board Red 2014
Phase 5 Colt Wakesurf Board Red 2014
Phase 5 Colt Wakesurf Board Red 2014 ON SALE Your Price: $649.95 Retail: $850.00
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The Colt has been completely redesigned for 2014 and now comes in two sizes. They kept the wide flat squash tail for speed and thrust, but shortened the length with a fuller rounded nose section. This makes the board edge into the wake nicely and increases its maneuverability. Phase 5 also changed the fin configuration to a quad setup using 2” front fins and 1” trailers. This fin set up along with the wide squash tail and rounder rail profile gives it more drive down the face and makes it more maneuverable! Pop, spin, quick draw and rip all day long for some smokin’ fun!!

The Colt comes standard with a Carbon/Kevlar hand laminated layup perfected only at the P5 factory! This hybrid weave performs great, the board is super tuff, light weight and impressive to look at, we here at BoardCo love this board!

  • Surf/Skim Hybrid
  • Divinycell Core w/Carbon Layup
  • Full Carbon Top Sheet Weave
  • Performance Traction Pads

 1 Reviews Write A Review

This board is simply the funnest thing out on the market! The 3 fins and wider tail gives you the right amount of stability! still shreadable for sure! Got to ride this bad boy right before we saw snow! Can't wait for summer.

  • Board 56" x 22.2" x 1"  Up to 250 lbs.
  • Board 53" x 20.5" x 1" Up to 200 lbs.
  • Fins - Two 2" and Two 1"

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