Inland Surfer 4-Skim Ooze Kids Wakesurf Board 2014
Inland Surfer 4-Skim Ooze Kids Wakesurf Board 2014
Inland Surfer 4-Skim Ooze Kids Wakesurf Board 2014 ON SALE Your Price: $549.95 Retail: $700.00

Boasting a new graphic on the hull, deck rails and enhanced trimmed traction with vivid colors for 2014, re-introducing the grom favorite, the Ooze. Part of the Classic Series with new CL branding this is one sharp board, the upside is it rides better than it looks! Our smallest skim with no sacrifice on performance, the Ooze can be outfitted single, twin and tri fin for ultimate surf and hold. Snaps, spins and shuv-its are common ground for all Ooze riders, although designed for the grom any lightweight or shorter surfer is going to dig shredding the Ooze.

Ability Level:
The ability level recommendation for this board is Beginner to Advanced.

Tri  fin - for that extra hold.
Dual fin
– beginner to advanced.
Single fin
– intermediate to pro.

All 4-skim style boards come with 1 single 3.0cm skim fin in black only.

Epoxy Epoxy Infused Technology - our top secret way of fully soaking the fiberglass with epoxy to create the strongest bond.
Woodloc WoodLoc - our process that inserts laminated layers of wood into the board top and bottom platform, to increase strength, rigidity, stiffness and overall performance.
Progressive Edge Progressive Edge - The rail geometry and construction that holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag.
3x Fin Fin options - number of fin options available.
Rear Kick Rear Kick - EVA traction with raised rear kick pad for incredible foot hold.
Rocket Rocker ROCKET Rocker - This profile has been designed to provide the absolute maximum down-the-line speed without sacrificing edge to edge performance.

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Tech Specs:
4’.2”- 20.5”- .75”  4 lbs

Weight Range:
The weight range recommendation for this board is 50lbs. to 170lbs. depending on wake size.

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