Slingshot Lyman Wakeboard 2014
Slingshot Lyman Wakeboard 2014
Slingshot Lyman Wakeboard 2014 ON SALE Your Price: $324.95 Retail: $479.99

For 2014 we’ve completely redesigned the Lyman…again. Why you may ask? Because, here at Slingshot, we are 100 % dedicated to meeting the needs of our pro riders.

As their riding preferences change, so should their equipment. Stationed in North Carolina, when Keith is not busy serving our country in the armed forces, he’s spending his free time riding the local cable parks. Keith wanted to simplify his board for 2014 to make it more friendly for the park environment without sacrificing his needs behind the boat. The outline and bottom features of the 2014 Lyman have been simplified to make the board a blast on rails, while the stiffer belly and 3-stage rocker offers explosive pop off the wake.

138 cm =  2.7" Rocker - 6" x .75" Black Wake Fins

142 cm =  2.8"
- 6" x .75" Black Wake Fins

New 3-Stage Rocker

Massive boosting pop with more speed

NEW EverShred (ES) Base
Durability and performance on park rails

Atomic C Core
A completely new core layout.  Its pure wood made of vertically laminated Columbian Gold, with custom molded channels

SingleShot™ Fusion Sidewalls
High durometer urethane (seamlessly fused in the core, it’s the the most durable wakeboard rail ever)

More impact resistant sidewalls with variable contoured sidecut to provide more grip up the wake with a clean release

4D Graphic Technology
The latest in graphic technology, giving every board individuality, and four dimensional depth

Limitless micro adjustment stance options, and a superior rider to board connection

Handmade by Slingshot in the USA
Precision finished product using the highest quality materials
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138 cm =  100 - 185 lb. Riders

130 - 250 lb. Riders

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