Liquid Force Jett Grind Wakeboard 2012
Liquid Force Jett Grind Wakeboard 2012
Liquid Force Jett Grind Wakeboard 2012
Liquid Force Jett Grind Wakeboard 2012 ON SALE Your Price: $119.95 Retail: $400.00

Like Rick Ross, push it to the Limit on the new Jett grind. The most progressive female rider in the game needed a board for rails and cable, so here it is. If you like to go full bore, bring it 110%, and push it to the max then this is the board for you. Amber goes big and does big things... Follow her lead on the Jett grind!

  • LF Exclusive Grind Base Material
    Durable sintered base withstands the wear and tear caused by rails and park features.

  • Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
    Center curve is designed straighter for consistent edging speed into the wake, corner, or rail. Exaggerated kink out through the tips – smooth transitions in the tail section for increased ollie power.

  • D-I-S-C Hull through the Center
    Double – Inside – Single – Concave. Softens landings and maintains board speed.

  • Variable Edge Rail
    Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel, sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response.

  • Winged Rail Shape
    Side slots for extra bite in the flats and quicker release off the wake.

  • Double Concave V-Tail
    This tail design controls water flow through ends for extra thrust and lift.

  • Molded In, Canted Long Base Side Fins
    The large inside face of these fins allows for unbelievable hold, while the low outside profile keeps hang ups at a minimum.

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  • 132cm: 90 - 150 lbs.
  • 136cm: 110 - 180 lbs.

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