CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014
CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014
CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014
CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014
CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014
CWB Marius Wakeboard 2014 ON SALE Your Price: $249.95 Retail: $420.00

"The Marius is the best board I have ever ridden. We worked hard to make changes that would keep the overall ride characteristics while increasing the speed. We also wanted the board to be capable of the highest level of boat riding but also good for rail riding. The changes made are what I consider to be the perfect board. The Marius has low drag while riding flat and is fast edge to edge. It holds edge up off the wake which results in more pop. The dual center spine and continuous rocker aid in super soft landings. For cable riding you can remove the aluminum fin. The beveled edge rail makes the board more durable as the board edge does not come in contact with rail. The versatility of the Marius is is unprecedented. I use it behind the boat, at the cable, winching and on rails. We worked hard to make a shape riders would enjoy and progress their riding to the next level."

-Trevor Hansen

  • Designed, shaped and ridden by Trevor Hansen
  • Massive mid section 17.46"
  • Multiple mini steps create grip with less drag
  • V-Tech at tip and tail allows for wider midsection
  • Dual center spine for extra soft landings
  • Four bolt-on aluminum fins
  • Continuous rocker

    136 cm./ 141 cm.

    7.7 lbs./ 7.9 lbs.

    17.46 in.

  • Tip/Tail Width
    10.89 in.


    2.85 in./ 3 in.

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136cm - 110 - 190 lbs.

141cm - 140 - 230 lbs.
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