CTRL The RX Wakeboard 2013
CTRL The RX Wakeboard 2013
CTRL The RX Wakeboard 2013
CTRL The RX Wakeboard 2013
CTRL The RX Wakeboard 2013 ON SALE Your Price: $169.95 Retail: $360.00
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Come on in and get your prescription filled. The RX is more than just a cure to the common ailments that can bother a rider. It’s a dose of energy like that double shot espresso some enjoy each morning. Just what the doctor ordered, the RX is the prescribed cure to improved response, better stability, and just kick ass all around riding. With our ERC Core 2 technology and an industry first uniquely thinned and tapered tip and tail profile for clean grabs and a smoother release, you will notice right away that this symbol of artwork is not only unique but stunningly clean. Long synaptic life, lively snap, and some amazing torsion make the RX ultra responsive. We started with our bomber rail profile to make it super durable and added layers of love with the RX fin. The RX rides fast, reacts quickly, and delivers mounds of monster pop. Shred obstacles like a hot knife thru butter and flex presses into the box or anywhere else you want to. Already a huge favorite of The Lab, check it out and it will be yours too.

The same characteristics and benefits of the ERC 1 core, but in this case the kinetic energy is released in more of an outward flowing pattern towards the tip and tail.  This allows for some added energy on the outer rail portions of your board so you can dig and sink it a bit deeper in the water and still maintain all the torsional energy as well.

Built to take whatever you throw at it on all our boards, simply the most durable rail styles in the market today. From The Standard to The RM, you can be satisfied our rails will hold up and take the abuse. Our unique hybrid blended rails vary throughout our line, but the quality and durability they share does not.

 2 Reviews Write A Review

crazy pop but hard to control
This board has a crazy rocker-line. I rode it once and I felt like I was getting thrown off the wake. I was going big but I didn't feel like I had a lot of control. If you want a board with a ton of rocker this is the board, but its just not my style.


I got this board after seeing Phil Soven ride it on tour and hearing great things. The RX is smooth and gives me so much more pop than my old LF board did. Definitely a board I would recommend for anyone!

  • 133cm: 80 - 160 lbs.
  • 136cm: 100 - 180 lbs.
  • 140cm: 140 - 230 lbs.

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