Phase 5

Phase 5

Phase 5 Wakesurfers originated as a division of Zap Skimboards (the world's #1 skimboard manufacturer) and quickly began to dominate the wakesurf industry with their "special sauce" that they have been developing for decades. Under the banner of 7X World Wakesurfing Champion Drew Danielo, they have become our #1 selling wakesurf board brand.

The Pro Carbon, Danielo Diamond and Danielo Hammerhead boards have been acclaimed by many as the best skim-style wakesurf boards ever produced. We are inclined not to argue. Additionally, with the introduction of hybrid and surf style boards such as the Model X, Wire and Aku P5 is also pushing the limits of surf style board construction and performance.

We absolutely guarantee you will love any of the Phase 5 models so much that we stamp our unequaled Performance Guarantee on each one of them.