Releasing Rusty

May 7 2013

Rusty Malinosky drops bombs in this new edit from Patrick Wieland.  Patrick is one of the best videographers in the business, pumping out everything from the full length Slingshot team video Lipsmack, to BoardCo's own wakeboard and wakesurf edits over the past 2 years.  His style is unique and his ability to capture the essence of wakeboarding is second to none.  Mix that kind of talent with the raw power of Rusty Malinosky and you truly have something special.  Enjoy Releasing Rusty.


Amazing Technique (3/23/2015 5:15:00 AM)
Rusty is really amazing. Watching him doing the techniques, even on different footage is breath-taking. His very unique style is what distinguishes him from the rest! My friends at <a href="">Athlete network</a> will be excited to see his videos. Thank you!

Lindsay Isaiah - California
Hi,I am trying to ce (3/27/2015 11:06:00 PM)
Hi,I am trying to cetrae rowSet (Secondary) which should filter out rows that are updated in ViewObject from UI (probably transient attribute updation). I tried to set the quey mode of the viewObject to "ViewObject.QUERY_MODE_SCAN_VIEW_ROWS" and tried executing the query and get the rowSet. But instead of providing the filtered vlaued form the ViewObject, it queries form database and provide me false rowSet as follows,ViewObject view = this.getEmp1();RowSet rowSet = view.createRowSet(null); //secondary rowSetrowSet.setNamedWhereClauseParam("BindFirstName","Jenifer");view.setQueryMode(ViewObject.QUERY_MODE_SCAN_VIEW_ROWS);rowSet.executeQuery();System.out.println(rowSet.getEstimatedRowCount());Instead of me getting 2 in the sop I get 107 as result. But I am able to see my updated records in the ViewObject. Is there a way to get out a filtered secondary row set form the updated transient values.Regards,Vijai

Mohamed - rWaGxaYVs3lx
Hi,Yes, detail VO is (3/28/2015 5:08:00 PM)
Hi,Yes, detail VO is<a href=""> faetsr</a> - is using data from cache, there is no separate SQL execution."Retain View Link Accessor Rowset" this option is good for another reason - for ADF trees. When user opening and collapsing same node - it will keep node children in memory.I will double check your second question about accessor changes and will get back.Andrejus

Ibnu - AnNIH77If6p
Yes, thats how it wo (3/30/2015 5:36:00 PM)
Yes, thats how it works. Because we are doing throw new JboException("Data Processing Failed"); then ADF reports stack trace. From ADF Model layer we are tnrowihg to ViewController. Thats normal behavior.If you dont want to throw exception, you can just log it in catch block and not re-throw.Andrejus [url=]bdfckgwsuq[/url] [link=]dtcjzrkh[/link]

Ahmad - OKTZWnkI
Hi Chris,"AM Maximum (4/1/2015 8:04:00 PM)
Hi Chris,"AM Maximum Pool Size" - based on stress test, this<a href=""> stiteng</a> is not a hard limit. If "AM Maximum Pool Size" is set to smaller value, framework just executes slightly more passivation/activation, but still serves all users (however number of passivation/activation mostly depends on "Referenced Pool Size"). As per doc, "AM Maximum Pool Size" should be 30% more than expected concurrent number of users, it looks like there is no need to keep 4096 - at least is not giving any visible performance effect to keep "AM Maximum Pool Size" large. However I will continue tests on this.At the same time, I don't see so far any reason not to leave "AM Maximum Pool Size" = 4096, unless AM Pool is wasting memory when this value is set to be large - will need to test memory consumption.For Pessimistic scenario - yes, its what I was thinking as well. Why we don't see more than 20 Active Instances. I guess, during stress test conditions, AM Pool maintains some AM instances in transition state (moving from Active to Passive). May be its not able to switch AM instance fast enough, its why it consumes slightly more DB connections.Thanks,Andrejus

Carlito - MJ264Tbg
I was doing more tes (4/3/2015 6:51:00 PM)
I was doing more tests, situation bemace more clear now.- "AM Maximum Pool Size" is not hard limit. However, on very high load and when WLS is running out of free resources - AM pool expands and creates more active AM instances, then specified by Referenced AM Pool size. It keeps growing until "AM Maximum Pool Size" and then it stops serving new users. However, this happens only with really heavy stress test - usually AM pool tries to passivate/activate fast and stay in limits of Referenced AM Pool size - rarely growing higher and reaching Max size.- We saw more DB connections on high load, because of internal AM connection for passivation/activation. I declared jbo.server.internal_connection for both AM's and pointed to separate dedicated Data Source - now number of consumed connections stays stable.Andrejus [url=]tevdfuh[/url] [link=]tluqkvgub[/link]

Leo - q2xubD9Yb3S
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