White / Gold Collection

White / Gold Collection (3)

Touches of gold in a sea of white.  The White / Gold Collection features a new breed of Nixon Chromacoat watches soaked in the beauty of white.  This applied finish will show scars in a different way - exposing the golden beauty underneath.

Spring 2012 Collection

Spring 2012 Collection (18)

Every Nixon watch is a reflection of who we are.  And when what we do becomes a part of who you are, we're connected. Unique new materials like rusted, oxidized metal and rich, Horween leather add depth and character to the collection while pop colors and progressive styling keep things light and bright.  With every detail considered and every element essential we're upholding our commitment to making the little things better.  Welcome to the debut of Nixon 2012.

Spring 2013 Collection

Spring 2013 Collection (31)

Team Designed, Custom Built - Building on a foundation of custom-built, team-designed products that have something to say, our goal is creating things your didn't know you needed but, upon first glance, you knew you couldn't live without.  This season we welcome the new Unit SS in its full body armor, the upgraded Rover SS,  along with the reinterpretation of a legacy, the Don.  We've added a smaller size tot he ever-popular Kensington so it's twice the fun and are bringing the new with the Shelley.  Welcome to 2013, where the little things in life just keep getting better.  

Champagne Gold Collection

Champagne Gold Collection (6)

Perfectly poised, and maybe a little lush, the Champagne Gold Collection beckons total lux and total fun. 

Deep Collection

Deep Collection (62)

The 51-30 and 42-20 in all their variations.  These timepieces have revolutionized the watch industry and Nixon as a brand. See why The Deep Collection products are recipients of the SIA Product of the Year Award.

All Black Collection

All Black Collection (43)

A titanium carbide coating chemically bonded to stainless steel creating a glossy finish as black as night.

Tide Collection

Tide Collection (33)

Instruments that will bring tidal levels directly to your wrist with features from Tide Range to Future Tide.

Surplus Collection

Surplus Collection (4)

Taking inspiration from the Army Ranger division, the Surplus Collection blends green, black and red to create a rugged ensemble of accessories to help you be prepared for any situation.

Black / Gold Collection

Black / Gold Collection (7)

The Black / Gold Collection is a series of unique pieces designed to hold on to any light and not let it go.  Whether it be a Chromacoat finish of Matte Black or a unique application of Raw Gold, the Black / Gold Collection will lock in your gaze for what seems like eternity.

Black and Lum Collection

Black and Lum Collection (3)

Superior craftsmanship and state of the art technology, all rolled into one sleek, shiny, and stylish package.  The Black and Lum Collection is your stealthy partner for all of your everyday missions.  With rich, textured leather, ballistic nylon, and hard, cool aluminum, these elegant machines are ready for takeoff.