Liquid Force PS3 Grind Wakeboard 2013

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Rider tested and rider approved! This board is put to the test, day in and day out, at many of Liquid Force's Cable Parks throughout the world. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! This board has seen it all, and it keeps coming back for more. Our exclusive Grind base is our ace in the hole, as it protects the board from sliders, kickers, rocks, cement, docks, etc. If you want a great value for your first Grind board, the PS3 Grind is just that board for you!

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Sale $139.95


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  • M6 Metric Inserts
    The best board to binding hold ever more threads provide tighter, more secure hold.

  • LF Exclusive Grind Base Material
    Durable sintered base withstands the wear and tear caused by rails and park features.

  • Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
    Center curve is designed straighter for consistent edging speed into the wake, corner, or rail.  Exaggerated kink out through the tips smooth transitions in the tail section for increased ollie power.

  • Variable Edge Rail
    Rounded rail in the center for a forgiving feel, sharp rail at the tail for edge control and response.

  • Tip Exiting Slots
    Channels water away in the proper direction.  Helps generate speed while keeping you locked in on approach to the wake or rail.

  • Warped Molded Fins
    As they grow towards the tail they get sharper and warp inwards.  The end result is a loose feel when in neutral that generates relentless hold as you edge.


  • 128cm: 80 - 140 lbs.
  • 133cm: 100 - 180 lbs.
  • 137cm: 120 - 200 lbs.
  • 141cm: 150 - 230 lbs.


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