Liquid Force Flex Comp Vest in Black / Blue Zoom



Liquid Force Flex Comp Vest in Black / Blue

SALE: $79.95

Reg. $129.99

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The Liquid Force team was looking for a comfortable, flexible vest that fits every one.  The Flex Comp  has all the flexibility of our pullover vests but the ease of entry of a front zipper.  Fully segmented design, wide neck and arm openings makes this the vest for every one in the boat.    Get your size and rock out in the Flex.

*This vest is a competition vest and is not Coast Guard Approved



Super clean design
Increased forward flex and comfort... no buckles to get in the way

Full Front Zip
The full zipper makes it easier to get into and out of.

Segmented Foam Panels
Designed to fit you perfectly

Super-Stretch Neoprene
Flex panels allow vest to move in synch with your movements

Oversized Arm Holes
Extra space and comfort for added mobility

Strapless design
Clean and simple with nothing to get in your way on handle passes.



Size Chart

S = 32 - 36 in. Chest
M = 36 - 40 in. Chest
L = 40 - 44 in. Chest
XL = 44 - 48 in. Chest



Lifetime Returns

This product qualifies for our amazingly awesome Lifetime Returns program!

Congratulations, you will never have to worry about getting stuck with something you don't like ever again!

This product can be returned at any time from now till the end of the world as long as it is returned in like new conditon with all original packaging.
For full details visit our returns page.

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