CTRL The Line Wakeboard 2013

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With a later release on the water and a more exaggerated tip to tail feel, the Line really is all about a new style of riding, setting its own Line whether at the park or grinding wherever you may ride. What is the secret? Not only did we pipe in a rocker line with a twist, but add in some composite materials blended with our ERC 4 Core and you get a lot of punch in one package. With its hybrid 3-piece core design, the wood-tip and tail give you the perfect amount of feel on obstacles while retaining that all important stiffness across the belly of the board. When not on obstacles, the wood tip and tail maintain the correct rocker line and flex you want when carving in the open water, this blend allows the board to perform at its best all the time, without sacrificing any feel for flex.

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Sale $239.95


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We mean it, the added tuned response rods in the core make this board not only super responsive but ultra lively as well.  Our specific placement allows for unreal edge transfer initiation by pre-loading in added torsion along the edge contact areas, enhances pop off the water, and maintains an even stronger torsional energy across the board.

Our mid to high end boards you ask, well they just hold up, no BS. We use a nice base material, don't get me wrong, but we use it because its fast, looks good and works.  You gotta protect your investment.


Patent Pending. Our masterpiece in fins, the plug in uses a coverplate on the top of the board and the fin mounts through precision routed ABS pockets in the core itself.  We have used extra strong towers to add strength and durability up into the coverplate mounting area.  The fin also features teeth so that you can simply loosen the upper coverplate screws and slide the fin forward or back. This allows for about 1.5" of total adjustment.  Now you can dial in your fin location the way you want.  Want a little less fin? Move it out towards the tip or tail.  Want more? Move it inward.  Prefer to setup your board directionally?  Now you can.  Another added benefit is that you can use multiple profiles of fins on your board and not have to worry about them wearing or breaking.  This fin is not only super strong when in place, but due to the materials used, you can grind away to your hearts content.  If you need to replace a fin due to wear, no problem, but a new one and pop it in.  Oh, the possibilities!

Built to take whatever you throw at it on all our boards, simply the most durable rail styles in the market today. From The Standard to The RM, you can be satisfied our rails will hold up and take the abuse. Our unique hybrid blended rails vary throughout our line, but the quality and durability they share does not.


  • 135cm: 90 - 170 lbs.
  • 139cm: 120 - 210 lbs.
  • 143cm: 150 - 250 lbs.


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