BoardCo Team Wakeboard Combo in Orange


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The team here at BoardCo has put together something special with our friends at Straight Line.  We have put together the feature packed Team rope and handle from Straight Line with our own exclusive neon green color setup.  Because we want to be friends, we are offering you this package at a special pricing available only for BoardCo customers.  You know we like to hook you up!

The Team Combo combines everything we like in a rope and handle combo - soft yet grippy suede handle, a PU coated mainline that won't tangle or burn, sick colors that are easy to see in the water and the ability to adjust anywhere from 85 feet to 55 feet riding length.  Get one for yourself and see why the Team Combo is the preferred connection to the boat of the BoardCo Team!
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Sale $99.99


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The Team handles are light in weight, but heavy in personality.  Durable suede material, soft EVA base increases durability and a matching stitch design all combine to make the team series the handle to ride.

The Team line is lightweight and has a smooth cover that is flexible enough to coil well, but rigid enough for maximum performance.  Made with a Dyneema core for superior strength and non-stretch performance.


Total rope length with handle is 85 feet.

Available riding lengths:

55 ft. - 65 ft. - 70 ft. - 75 ft. - 80 ft. - 85 ft.


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